Rebuilding the Temple News

In Progress

Walls are being preped for painting.

Trent will be providing a piece of sheet-rock. Done.


To Do List

Move scaffolding into temple room.

Clean up the general area. Clean some more.

Move chairs from main room. Get chairs upholstered.

Fill in west wall and preparation room wall with sheetrock then finish (tape, mud, sand, etc.). Done.

Repair hole in floor.

Paint ceiling.

Refinish floor.

Repair lighting. Complete lighting. May need to find additional fixtures.

Bathroom: Clean. Repair plumbing (assess needs).

Assess HVAC. Need vent covers.

Remove old carpeting in anteroom, stairs, etc. (assess needs).

Paint/apply proper symbols on “3,5, and 7 steps” on designated stairs. Paint/apply proper symbols to other stairs.

Assess need(s) for curtains and other wall embellishments.

Check altar for any needed repairs or maintenance.

Letter “G” procurred, installed, and electrical service.


Bonus To Do

Mural on wall.

Celestial ceiling.

Chandelier lights.


Items Needed


Pews (long bench seats). Cushions for pews.

Paint rollers, sand paper, sanding blocks, dust masks.

Cleaning cloths.

Cleaning supplies.

Letter “G” for the East.

Upholstery cloth for chairs.

Refreshments for workers (water, quality snacks).

Sound system.

Audio/visual system (screen, projector, laptop, etc.)